Discontinuation of the UOB SGS Index with effect from 01 June 2017
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UOB Indices
  • UOB SGS Index - Our new index that provides Singapore fund managers and S$ interest rate market participants with a Singapore Government Bond index with which to track the performance of their portfolios.

For Closing At The End Of The Day
21 September 2016
  Today's Close Yesterday's Close Change
Index Level
    All Series 222.81 222.743 0.067
    Short 159.095 159.068 0.027
    Long 258.469 258.381 0.088
    All Series 6.77 6.77 0.00
    Short 1.89 1.89 0.00
    Long 8.3 8.3 0.00
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When using the Index, please cite 'UOB SGS Index - Jointly developed by UOB and Quant Shop' as the source.

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