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Singapore Dollar Time / Fixed Deposit
United Overseas Bank Limited.
Rates as at 23 July 2018 04:56:33 PM
Deposit Range (% p.a)1 Mth2 Mths3 Mths4 Mths5 Mths6 Mths7 Mths8 Mths
Below S$50,000*0.05000.05000.10000.10000.10000.15000.15000.1500
S$50,000 - S$249,9990.05000.05000.10000.10000.10000.15000.15000.1500
S$250,000 - S$499,9990.05000.05000.10000.10000.10000.15000.15000.1500
S$500,000 - S$999,9990.05000.05000.10000.10000.10000.15000.15000.1500

Deposit Range (% p.a)9 Mths10 Mths11 Mths12 Mths13 Mths14 Mths15 Mths18 Mths24 Mths36 Mths
Below S$50,000*0.20000.20000.20000.25000.25000.25000.25000.50000.70001.0000
S$50,000 - S$249,9990.20000.20000.20000.25000.25000.25000.25000.50000.70001.0000
S$250,000 - S$499,9990.20000.20000.20000.25000.25000.25000.25000.50000.70001.0000
S$500,000 - S$999,9990.20000.20000.20000.25000.25000.25000.25000.50000.70001.0000

  • For deposits of S$1,000,000 and above, please call 1800 22 22 121 (24-hour, toll-free).
  • * A minimum deposit of S$5,000 is required (Cash and CPF placements).
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