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Frequent Flyer Registration
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Preferred Credit Limit
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Preferred UOB Credit Card(s) Limit : S$
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  • Preferred credit limit must be in multiples of S$500; the aggregate preferred credit limit for UOB Credit Card(s) stipulated above must not exceed 4x of your monthly income or S$200,000, whichever is lower.
  • UOB has the right to assign you a credit limit that is lower than your preferred credit limit indicated above for UOB Credit Card(s) if you have any UOB unsecured credit facility and/or your income documents reflect a lower earned income. UOB reserves the right to request for additional documents and/or information from you.
  • The preferred credit limit indicated above for UOB Credit Card(s) will also be assigned to all your current Principal UOB Credit Card(s), if applicable and the preferred credit limit will be the aggregate credit limit for all your current Principal UOB Credit Card(s).
  • Any credit limit increase will not be applicable to existing Supplementary Cardholder(s), if any, not stated in this application form.
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UOB Declaration & Authorization
I/We would like to be kept informed of promotions, offers, products and/or services marketed by United Overseas Bank Limited and its related corporations ("UOB Group Members") and, where applicable the co-brand partner associated with the card applied for in this application ("Co-Brand Partner") and I/we hereby give my/our consent to any UOB Group Member and the Co-Brand Partner to contact me/us via all modes of communication (voice calls, SMS/MMS, fax) using my/our telephone numbers in your records.

I/We agree that any consent given is additional to any other consent which I may have previously provided to UOB Group Members to inform me of marketing information; and does not supersede any rights which the UOB Group Members may have at law to collect, use and disclose my personal data.


I/We hereby:
1. represent and warrant:-
a. that all information provided by me/us in this application and in any other document submitted to you is true, accurate and complete and if there is a change in the information provided or becomes inaccurate in any way, I/we shall promptly notify you of the change or inaccuracy; and
b. at the time of this application, I am/we are not an undischarged bankrupt and there has been no statutory demand served on me/us or any legal proceeding commenced against me/us.

2. acknowledge that you may choose to either approve or reject this application and I/we agree that you do not need to provide a reason for your approval or rejection.

3. confirm that I/we have obtained, read, understood and agree to be bound by the following (“Terms”):-
a. UOB Cardmember Agreement;
b. Terms and Conditions Governing UOB CashPlus;
c. Terms and Conditions Governing Accounts and Services; and
d. Terms and Conditions of UOB Personal Internet Banking and UOB Mobile Services;
e. where applicable, NETS Terms and Conditions Governing the Use of NETS FlashPay;
[Terms are available at].

4. agree:-
a. you may review and change my credit limit at any time without prior notice to me/us;
b. in addition to the modes and manner you may send notices and communications to me/us under the Terms, you may send notices and communications to me/us in any mode and manner you deem appropriate to my/our last known address, facsimile, telephone/mobile phone number and/or electronic mail address in your records;
c. the card applied for in this application ("Card") will be renewed upon its expiry without further reference to me/us unless the Card account(s) is terminated before that;
d. the Principal Cardmember is responsible for all liabilities (including liabilities incurred by all Supplementary Cardmembers, annual fees or any other fees/charges) and each Supplementary Cardmember is responsible for his/her liabilities incurred in respect of his/her card; and
e. if the card applied for in this application comes with a NETS FlashPay, Network for Electronic Transfer (Singapore) Private Limited ('NETS') is the holder and operator of the NETS FlashPay stored value facility.

5. consent and authorise you to conduct any credit check on me/us as you may require from time to time and to obtain, verify and/or disclose any information relating to me/us including information and details of the Card account(s) / UOB CashPlus account from or to the parties set out in the terms relating to your rights of disclosure under the Terms including any credit bureau and any person you deem appropriate or necessary for this application or as may be required by any applicable law;

6. confirm that I/we have read and understood the Bank’s Privacy Notice (which forms part of the terms and conditions governing my/our relationship with you and a copy of which is available to me/us at or the Bank’s branches) and consent to the Bank collecting, using and disclosing my/our Personal Data in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Notice and for the purposes set out in the Bank’s Privacy Notice, namely Basic Banking Purposes, Co-Branding Purpose, Research Purpose and Marketing Purpose (as defined in the Privacy Notice). I/we note that I/we may at any time withdraw all or part of the above consents at any branch and any withdrawal of consent for Research Purpose and Marketing Purpose will remain valid until I/we give my/our specific consent.

7. agree that, for UOB Delight Credit Card, Metro-UOB Platinum Card and Singtel UOB Platinum Card (each a “Co-brand Card”), all personal data provided by me/us in this application for the Co-Brand Card and information and details of my/our Co-Brand Card account(s) which may be issued to me and transactions made thereunder may be shared by you with the respective co-brand partner associated with the Co-Brand Card ("Co-Brand Partner") to enable the Co-Brand Partner and its agents and authorised service providers to collect, use and disclose my/our personal data to any person the Co-Brand Partner deems appropriate or necessary for the purposes of:-
a. processing this application and provide services associated with the Co-Brand Card account;
b. offering, marketing or promoting any promotion or offer relating to the Co-Brand Card account;
c. administering any benefit, privilege and term applicable to the Co-Brand Card account;
d. offering, marketing or promoting any product and/or service provided by the Co-Brand Partner; and
e. conducting research or analysis relating to any product and/or service provided by the Co-Brand Partner, whether conducted by the Co-Brand Partner(s) or jointly with any other party.

8. acknowledge and agree that you and the Co-Brand Partner (if any) will be separately collecting, using and disclosing my/our personal data and each party shall only be responsible for its own collection, use or disclosure of my/our personal data, and shall not be liable for the other party’s handling or use thereof. I/we agree to directly address any queries, access or correction requests, or complaints in relation to the handling of my/our personal data to the relevant party.

9. authorise that all bills from the SingTel Account specified in this application, be charged to the SingTel-UOB Platinum Card applied for, even if the SingTel-UOB Platinum Card has not been activated by me/us;

10. acknowledge and agree that this application and all documents submitted to you including all verification documents obtained by you shall belong to you and will be retained by you; and

11. confirm and agree that if this application has been sent by fax, you are authorised to rely and act upon on the faxed copy without the original.
UOB Credit Card Online Acceptance
YES, I have read and understood the Declaration and Authorization and the Terms and Conditions for UOB Online Application (collectively, the "Terms"). By clicking "submit", I accept and agree to be bound by the Terms and request the Bank to issue the selected credit card(s) to me. Click here to read the Terms and Conditions for UOB Online Application. All other terms and conditions are available at and at any branch.
General Information
Please complete all fields and attach the required documents. Applications with incomplete information or supporting documents will result in delay in processing.

#For new card applicants without UOB Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Services ("PIB/MBK"), the mobile phone number provided will be used for SMS-OTPs (One-Time Password), credit card security alerts, and authentication subscriptions. If you already have PIB/MBK, your new card or CashPlus account can be accessed with your existing PIB/MBK username and password. If your mobile phone number has since changed and you wish to have it updated, please complete a Change of Address/ Contact Details Form available at

If you are already an existing UOB Phone Banking customer, your UOB Credit Card account will be linked to your current Access Code and PIN. If you are not an existing UOB Phone Banking customer, a new Access Code and PIN will be sent to you upon approval of your UOB Credit Card application.

The provision of this application form does not automatically indicate that United Overseas Bank Limited will accept the contents and issue a UOB Card. United Overseas Bank Limited reserves the right to reject the application without assigning any reason whatsoever.